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Visualizer Photo Resize 6.1
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File Size: 5.6 Mb

Visualizer Photo Resize 6.1

Publisher:Visualizer Image Gro up
Language:English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Platform:Vista, Windows
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Visualizer Photo Resize - Visualizer Photo Resize is a batch resizer, converter and optimizer, that is designed to handle all your photos and graphic documents (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TGA, TIFF, PSD, PSP). The software will even allow you to embed a text watermark in the batch process. You can modify the alignment of your watermark and manually enter the edge position. You can change the font, font size and font color, and you can change the transparency of the font. Visualizer Photo Resize will also let you draw your images directly on a background canvas, so you never have to worry about different ratios for your images.

Included with this free software you will find an optimization report that will help you get a great view of what Visualizer Photo Resize can really do for you and your images.


* Resize, Convert, Compress images into JPG.

* Batch Watermark Protection.

* Fast and Easy Wizard Interface.

* Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Danish.

* Free (For Non Commercial Use).

Please visit the Official Website for your preferred language.

Developed for Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista

List of Changes:

Version 6.1 from 2008-03-23


Download Now
File Size: 5.6 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Sangms1959 2011-05-13 22:31:27 #
Version: 6.1

I try to download the free version 5 times.
But always cannot download.
So I try another product no problem


Donald Rumsey66 2010-04-03 07:26:52 #
Version: 6.1

Iv'e been using Visualizer for a few years now, and I can thoroughly recomend it to anyone who needs to reduce photo sizes,singly, or in a batch, for whatever reason, it's simple to use and has never let me down, a wonderfull piece of free software.

Fjover 2009-06-10 11:00:40 #
Version: 6.1

I tried to use your software and ran into problems. It may do what I want to do then again I could not figure it out. In today’s business environment companies are requesting pictures in different sizes. For instance passport sizes, Visa size, resume sizes which require specific sizing. I have tried to use your software for this but find there is no guarantee as to what size will be printed with your software.

Jase 2009-05-02 07:49:16 #
Version: 6.1

did'nt do want i needed as would not print out at the new size

Virafadajania 2009-04-08 00:58:34 #
Version: 6.1

I download and used your software - 100% superb for the job on hand - thanks and congratulations

axel 2009-03-15 02:07:11 #
Version: 6.1

love it

Just love the time it saves me.

Freebertt 2008-12-06 22:04:27 #
Version: 6.1

Thank you

Excellent software , makes my blogging activity easier

Thanks a lot

Asondbo 2008-11-23 09:05:00 #
Version: 6.1

Fast and easy resizing!

I'm very pleased with Visualizer photo resize. Just what i needed! Excellent if you got a bunch of images that you want on web or send to someone! Great quality on the resized images and great watermark function!

John_colton 2008-08-10 08:23:39 #
Version: 6.1

Works fine

It works well as a batch image resizing program. I've used it twice. The first time I had some weirdness with setting the initial directory, but the second time it worked fine.

S.rahbek 2008-08-03 12:22:10 #
Version: 6.1

Easy program.

Good program an very easy to install and use. Recommendable. 2008-07-30 22:49:40 #
Version: 6.1

Great program

Just what I needed to resize 90 pics in a flash..

Jintarap 2008-07-23 19:26:05 #
Version: 6.1

Ever so easy picture sizing...

This is a great little program that is very powerful and yet so eady to use. It does agreat job at quickly making things the size you want them and at what quality. 4.5 out of 5.

John 2008-07-14 14:44:08 #
Version: 6.1

Great item

I had 1300 jpegs to resize in 6 different folders, the whole job took under 15 minutes and worked perfectly :)

Aus_Guy_Melb 2008-07-13 03:43:57 #
Version: 6.1

Can`t recommend it enough.

Easy to use, takes the hassle out of having to convert images individually. Free and a joy to use.

Robdaviesreturns 2008-07-07 10:51:13 #
Version: 6.1

Not so good

I was not pleased with the product and I ended up having to delete the programme. I entered an invalid size of 1.4. The subsequent error message, this is not a valid integer, then popped up. I exited the programme because I didn't actually need it there and then. On trying to re-start the programme the error mesage immediately flashed up and the programme failed to open. I retried opeining the programme numerous times but the programme never got round the error message and consistently failed to open. This is the point where i decided to delete the programme.

Waldingr49 2008-06-30 04:32:34 #
Version: 6.1

When the others are too complicated......

I tried Visualizer Photo Resize 5.31 after giving up on about four other photo resizer programs I tried. I have Adobe PhotoShopCS2 and tried and tried to use their resizer but I just couldn't record the macro and it was just too damn difficult to read the manual over and over. The other three I downloaded from the internet as trial or shareware versions. They were ghastly as I couldn't get them to work. I don't know whether it is me, my computer or the programs - but I gave up in frustration. VPR 5.31 seemed so simple to use and it worked first go without me having to read anything. I know one of the blogs said you had a limited choice of format sizes (4:3, 16:9 etc) but I was just reducing the size of photographed pages from books so that I could make smallish pdf files for emailing. I like the program a lot.
Richard (Australia)

Archanks 2008-05-07 19:11:52 #
Version: 6.1

Floating point errors.

Had problems with some files when I would get a floating point error - attempting to divide by 0. Besides which, I was very happy with the speed and the quality of the final jpeg.

Rookdog 2008-05-05 08:10:34 #
Version: 6.1


Good product but lacks ability to select final size of files, i.e. not user adjustable. That is a significant drawback.

Quentin Langeveldt 2008-03-31 12:18:50 #
Version: 6.1


I've searched the Internet for a tool like this to use for my websites I design. I found some that are expensive and not nearly as professional as "Visualizer Photo Resize".
Thank you for a wonderfull product.

PasHke 2008-03-05 06:33:40 #
Version: 6.1


Program is great! I like it! Just keep with good work!

Rupert 2008-01-03 18:56:08 #
Version: 6.1

Awsome Program

I was very pleased that the program performed so well. It worked as you described it would making my task so much easier in shrinking the size of the pictures within several large files of pictures.

Thank you very much!

Joohyun 2008-01-03 01:50:41 #
Version: 6.1

Easy to use

The Visualizer Photo Resize is very easy to use for pc beginners.
I would recommend it for sending photos by e-mail communications with friends.

esornada 2008-01-02 03:25:26 #
Version: 6.1

Excellent product.

This software is very easy to use the interface is excellent along with the features. It does everything I needed it to do in a short time. I highly recommend this software to anybody.

thomasowenm 2007-12-12 13:59:57 #
Version: 6.1

Very Good But Overwrites files with same name.

I am happy with the product, I had a time getting it to work only because I started out with a massive file and it seemed to freeze up, my mistake. There is only one problem I could find with it. I converted a large folder with a bunch of sub folders and because I did not name them, They just had numbers, it kept overwriting the files. It would have been nice if the program would have made sub folders for the pictures instead of just resized.

Mike O'Mahoney 2007-08-13 14:07:07 #
Version: 6.1


Your software is very easy to use and has many advanced, useful tools. I am very impressed. Thank you!!

sahib 2007-04-03 09:37:41 #
Version: 6.1

Visualizer Photo Resize comments

ok for a small utility program but it would be great to add little feature like red eye correction during resizing!

R. Myara 2007-03-22 02:02:00 #
Version: 6.1

Good product, does excactly what I need

Good product, does excactly what I need, and very simple of use.

udder 2007-02-12 23:57:42 #
Version: 6.1

Does what it says

Not much in the way of help for the program, but if you spend a few minutes with it you can get it to do what you're after - resize a picture.

It does that well.

Only gripe is that I wasn't able to find any solid documentation that revealed the features of the program.

However, considering the price, it's hard to find much fault. Program works well and does what it says. For free.

germaine 2007-02-06 14:01:28 #
Version: 6.1

easy to use

easy to use and fast in resizing jpg formats
I just started using it and had no problems
I have to try out all the possibilities but my first impression is positive

FAE 2007-01-18 22:24:29 #
Version: 6.1

Easy to use, and works as advertised...

...the ultimate compliment for any PC based software. Nicely done.

I needed software to resize JPEGS for a blog, and was able to do so effortlessly using this software. Huzzah!

Steve Buhagiar 2007-01-12 05:37:32 #
Version: 6.1

not what i was after

i was not happy with the variety of features that the software included. i wanted more scope to resize the image...even an automatice setting for passport photo resizing.

It didnt helpme solve the problem i had.

R. Matthews 2006-12-05 17:21:00 #
Version: 6.1

Very neat little package!

I am pleased with my copy of the Visualizer Photo Resize program. It is extremely easy to use, just designate which directory of images you want to work on, set the amount of resizing and press RESIZE. The program examines the photos in the designated directory and then resizes them. It creates a sub-directory called "resized" and sends each fixed image to that directory. There is very little loss of picture quality.

What could be easier?

Download your copy of Visualizer Photo Resize today!

Satisfied user 2006-12-03 15:09:24 #
Version: 6.1

Does it`s job well

I used the program to resize a large number of photos. Easy to specify what you want done and efficient performance. The only nit-pick is that the wording on the jpeg compression box is confusing "JPEG compression: 100" really means JPEG compression quality (more is better quality rather than more compression).

Philbio 2006-11-20 13:58:18 #
Version: 6.1

Visualizer is great

Very good product that does a fantasic job. Resized a 600kb jpeg to 37 kb in no time at all.Just what I needed to send large jpegs via email.Well done.

PeterCH 2006-09-28 23:06:42 #
Version: 6.1

very nice, but...

Found this program very handy - done all my resize with PS CS2 (and Save for Web) so far. I now can specify max width or height, which I can not do in batchruns in PS. However, it needs another update in my opinion:
- does not ask me if picture already exists in output subfolder (do you want to overwrite, yes/no, yes to all, cancel)
- does imply that output is subfolder of input
- has no option in aspect ratio saying: leave as is (but was surprised that it does this if I specify 4:3)
- needs a proper Exit button

But apart from all this - very handy.

Peter from Switzerland

Marco 2006-07-28 08:16:18 #
Version: 6.1

Simple but not flexible

Simple to use, but it needs a lot of adjustment before to launch the batch conversion. It's not so flexible in options.

Author's Response:
Please, submit only valid reviews - thanks. This review is unusable.
Price: 4 of 5? It's freeware! Features: 1 of 5? It's freeware and you might want to study the software you download before submitting your reviews.

Ron1234 2006-07-20 17:32:01 #
Version: 6.1

Mistake made

Sorry but I made a mistake cos I thought that it was available for MacOS - but judging from the pic, the
interface looks cool.

Author's Response:
Are judging this based on a screenshot?

Bobbe 2006-06-28 07:52:55 #
Version: 6.1

Passport Photos

I liked this program, but it did not permit me the flexibility I needed, which is to print the pictures in passport size (3.5 x 4.5 cm). It resized the files fine, and I would recommend it if you are simply looking to resize folders with many jpeg files quickly.

BMW-K 2006-06-16 05:05:13 #
Version: 6.1

Wonderfully simple program!

I do a LOT of motorcycle photography. Often hundreds of pictures a day. On my last vacation my wife and I ended up with over 600 pictures to week through and then select the best to resize. Long story short, I had 100 or so pictures I had to resize for my website. In the past I had manually (ok, stupid of me, but hey, I didn't know any better) adjust the picture in PaintShop Pro and resize from there. HUGELY time consuming and as a result I hated doing it.

I did a search for any product that could do this for me. I couldn't care less if it ran overnight on my computer (P4, 3ghz, 1gig ram, 512mg g-card) - I just didn't want to manually do it ever again.

I found this program via a Google Search and saw that it was a Freeware program. The download and install was a snap. When I opened it I was absolutely amazed!

#1. It was SIMPLE! This is such an increadibly user friendly program! I kid you not, I was bulk resizing pictures into web-applicable sizes in under 60 seconds! 2.4meg pictures resized to 64k webshots almost instantly.

#2. It's FAST. 100 pictures resized (remember, 2.4meg pics on average!) and autosaved into it's own folder in under three minutes!

#3. It will apparantly resize video capture as well. Haven't used it, but dang I need this too!

I am HIGHLY recommending this product. In all honesty I have nothing to compare it to. But it's simple, fast, and so easy to use I just have to recommend it.

Danny 2006-06-13 09:02:53 #
Version: 6.1

Outstanding software!

I am always thrilled when software developers will take the time to design the interface, making it nice for the eyes to work with. The fact that it can batch resize a sequence of images and resize single images is great, and I do enjoy the options for image enhancments in the preview area. It does offer quite a few features, so I definitely recommend giving it a go. Worth menitioning is that it comes with an introduction on how to get started, which I am sure will give you the big "picture" what this software can do. Some may overlook this option, and I am not menitioning who ;-) This is a software where the developers have really taken the time to help the end user. Good work.

rt, london 2006-06-13 08:22:10 #
Version: 6.1


Simple to use program.

Would use it to construct a standard sized set of images for web site catalogs and web sites in general

Download Now
File Size: 5.6 Mb